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2020-08-26 18:10:12 (UTC)


Indio said we are not “over”
Sooo confused.
Am I the one “off” here?

“This relationship is going to end badly”..........
Um, am I the only one who takes that negatively?
“You not moving to Madison....”
Am I wrong here too?
I know there are more things said that I can add here, but I am COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED and my brain is not working, and I have my appointment in two hours.

My ex dropped off a ham this morning. Never asked for anything, in fact, told him, “no, we are good and don’t need anything “ but he brought it over anyway.
Didn’t stay long, so guess he got the clue. I’ve told him numerous times, we will never get back together. He says “I don’t want that” but I am confused at why he drops stuff off if he doesn’t have thoughts of trying to get back with me.
I talk about Indio, and his sons, so he should know, I’m not interested in getting back with a jerk who cheated on me......tho......in his eyes, he didn’t cheat.
Um, ok.
1. I wake up and notice he’s on his phone, I look over, and see a photo of a semi naked chick. Decide to watch, and he scrolls through naked women photos for about 20 minutes, and I finally speak up and ask “what kind of woman ya looking for? Maybe I know of a better site to go to” and he shuts his phone off and says “I don’t know why I was looking, first time and it will be the last”
2. My daughter “Bear” comes to me a week later, not knowing I caught him, telling me “Mom, I caught limp looking at porn in his truck and he’s been hitting on *****, and ****** and *****. You should be careful. They are all younger girls under the age of 30.
3. After two weeks, my gut told me to ask for his phone, so did, he hands it to me, I look through the history, and see a ton of naked women just in the past 24 hours.....didn’t want to look back further, I knew I wouldn’t like what I find.....
4. Asked him about the women, and why he lied saying it was a one time thing
5. He tried to justify it with excuses and the “I didn’t think it was wrong” card.

So, he still, believes he did nothing wrong. He blames our break up on his kids and my kids.
This is the same idiot who used my health issues against me.

I will update this (finish it in a few)
I can’t hold my eyes open.....sorry...my narcolepsy hitting