Out Kast

Nights of the Out Kast
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2020-08-26 01:40:37 (UTC)

It's just slow chaos...

I'm sure there's so many people out in the world like me right now and are just hoping to wake up in a cold sweat realizing this was all just a god forsaken nightmare. My whole new life I made was built off of a habit I built of not looking back, but I never realized how much I lost in just an expansion of half a year... My job, my social life. Yet I try my hardest to stay productive. "Remember your dream" "Remember what your working towards". I remember saying once that memory is just another word for imagination, people will always look back at the good ol days and think it was better, or imagine how terrible it was when it really wasn't that bad. I just want to forget...

This. Just all of this is held humanity back as a whole, what people think they look up to on social media are all breaking down in their mansions forgetting their human too, losing the image that their invincible. Politicians promising they can help the world become better as their sweating bullets when they meet that one person who'll ask them "but how?". Criminals running rampant, rioters trying to make change when they all individually have a different idea of change. I haven't even moved yet but even if I could god knows that's not an option anymore... It's sad how the stem thing that created all this is the least of my worries when it comes to going outside.

My friends lost their homes due to fires, I'm living off scrap, and everyone around me are screaming bloody murder, how are we living in a fallout with no bombs?...

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