Truer than True

Through My Eyes
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2020-08-26 00:05:03 (UTC)


Today on his birthday my brother Carlus from Memphis, Tennessee came down to visit me, it was such a surprise. I’m extremely happy he did this for me, he said he was trying to surprise me but he had to call to make sure he was going to the correct address because it had been awhile since he was down in the area. He took me to breakfast and to my favorite place the beach. He took me to Cabrillo Harbor Beach in the city of San Pedro along with his girlfriend and my son, we had such a good time standing near the rocks and looking at the waves come in. I took so many pictures of us and the beach and loved we was near the water watching the beautiful ocean scenery. Coming to the beach takes my mind off my medical problems and if I could afford to live near the beach I wouldn’t hesitate to move there. After leaving the beach he drove the long route home because everyone knows since I haven’t been able to drive because of the seizures I want to ride everywhere. I’m so fortunate that my family has taken time out of their lives to come see me and take me places. It truly means the world to me!