always wth love

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2020-08-25 10:24:43 (UTC)

Pandemic Summer 2020

Hey, you guys!
Its been 4 long months of my undergraduate Senior Summer Semester. It literally took a lot of out of me. I felt defeated depressed, anxiety and sometimes unmotivated to do assignments and projects. I finally finished on last Friday and pass all my classes.
Last time I'd post was after my quarantine bday, since then a lot changes has been in those first two months. Recently, i have been thinkin' of my ex whenever am bored w/o communication. I missin' damn company. One question keeps coming to mind is how I'm going get to a job without a phone? It clear the closer to college life is coming to a close. I just want have stability for myself. I just want make that move, is it damn hard to ask or even get there. This pandemic has messed with my mental health now suffer with straight migraines. I dont know if i'll post another in fall semester or early spring. I'm quite hopefully anything is possible.
For my week off my goal is catch up on some books that got as Xmas gifts to finish my Saturday evening.
In the meantime on a binge time on the site Animedao shows & Youtube.
I hope everyone will vote this November and stay safe! I've got to chance to talk some my friends its quite a challenge thru emails always get lost in spam or junk.
How are you enjoying your last week of summer? I start my undergraduate Senior Fall Semester next week. Next month will be 2 years since me and ex called it "break". Im hoping that i will be alright on that day.
If you want to check what I do follow me on divanart at @owlsgurl same for twitter.
always wth love, see you guys soon.