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2020-08-25 14:12:14 (UTC)



1 inch hail outside
Indio and I are over......

“You know how this will end” because I let my son control my life, and I won’t move in with him in Madison. Even tho, he maybe homeless (he said less than a month ago) or moves into his buddy’s condo because he can’t find a place.

This coming from someone who said from the get go....
And I quote......

But, 5 1/2 months later, decides to basically put the tape on things.

1. “What stress does a 12 year old have??”
He’s 12 years old....he has no stress, stress is paying bills, buying food, having a job....etc
2. “You have to stop letting him control your life”.
3. “I can not move where it takes 45 minutes to get to a grocery store “. Excuse me.....it takes 20 to 25 to get to a piggly wiggly, and 20-25 to get to a Walmart in 2 different directions.
4. “I’m not going to live where I can’t find work I want to do or like to do”. Um, ok, you don’t like the job you’re in now. I just heard him say “I think I made a mistake coming back here” two days ago, and I’m sorry, but if this is going to be a mutual thing, we look for a place not in Madison, but maybe 20 minutes away, some place halfway, and jointly agree on a place, not him move in to my place or me into his. I’ve been homeless before, I’m not going to do it again. I think it’s wrong to expect the single mom and kid to move in with him because he is more important, more whatever. If I get my disability, pull in more than him monthly and live cheaper, then what? So, we don’t live together for a year or so, big deal. He makes the threat “I’ll help with what I can, but looks like y’all are going to have to move to Florida “......however, grandma said she would pack up and move in with me if need be to help if she had to because she knows Sheldon doesn’t want to move schools. We had the invite to move to Florida already. Maybe I should. Just walk away from Wisconsin and everyone I know here. Change my name and start over.

I will pray more on the situation. I would like to get my disability and stay here. Buy a home close to here. Let Sheldon finish the year here and go from there. He’s home schooling anyway.

Indio’s bud moves where his woman is.....”well, she’s successful “ Indio states.....so if I ran my own business, he’d move this way? LMAO. Yeah, ok.

Wondering if I have to pay him back for the help he’s done, I know my ex expects a check when I get my disability for his “helping” me......even tho, his car is still here and his trash I had to clean up.

So many of his words were red flags tonight....yet again.

It’s almost midnight. I still can’t sleep. Storm is still rumbling outside.
Tempted to shut off my video.

Oh yeah, as soon as I went out, my ex left. So I have no clue what he wanted.
I have no WiFi, so this is on my note pad on my iPad....will post it as soon as WiFi is back up. Makes me wonder if we will not have WiFi if it snows if it’s already down every time it rains. Pathetic.

I’m going to shut the video off, run my hotspot, and post this, then take medications and try to sleep.

1150pm, he just got a text message. I know because he said “my phone only lights up for text messages “ and his phone buzzed and lit up.....the other times it just buzzed, meaning emails.....so he claims.....

And here comes the serious hail.....

Lost cell service.

I’m going to bed.
This goes on past 8am.



Been up since 6am
Still storming
Still no internet nor phone service :/