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2020-08-24 22:46:22 (UTC)

Confused & I want to cry

I’m so confused about my medical condition unsure what’s going on because one doctor say I have Epilepsy and another doctor is saying it’s Altered Mental Status. I’m currently taking seizures medicine which confuses me because when I ask why I’m taking this medicine if you’re unsure what my medical condition is, they say to avoid me having another seizure. However they’re also saying they’re still trying to determine if I had one. I have taken a CT Scan, MRI and nothing showed on the test results. And now I’ve recently taken an EEG test and still waiting on the results for this test. This is why I’m thinking of changing from Kaiser Permanente because they’ve really confused me and I’m trying to keep my spirits up but sometimes I just want to cry. I want to cry because I’m scared and don’t truly know what’s going on and also I feel helpless now always having to ask people to take me places and do things for me. They always tell me it’s no problem and this is what family do for each other but I still feel like I’m being to dependent on people. This year I was supposed to go out and live life, have fun and do more things but with the virus and my medical problems it ruined my plans which has made me really sad. I’m trying to keep a positive attitude but it’s been extremely difficult. I can only hope they figure out what’s wrong with me.