deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2020-08-24 13:04:34 (UTC)

Post Fuck Observation

Somewhere in the midst of it, I must have released My grip long enough for her to choke out the words "i LOVE You fucking me!" Can there be more of a heartfelt admission by an owned slut? No, I dont think there can be and she knew this morning and she knows now that I Am her Owner and that I freely fuck her when I wish to. It's never about her, its about Me, but the act of pleasing Me opens her legs, causes her to draw her ankles around Me, and to be thoroughly an roughly raped. My hand stays on her throat ensuring her chin stays up and eyes stay focused as My prize and only whore. Again she has flickering thoughts of who she is in real and how no one would ever envision that that she crawls to Me on hands and knees to be fucked in every position, every hole. This professional of academia is a cunt and a slut and the hidden persona is stoked to life by Me entering into any room with her at any time. So yes, you do LOVE fucking Me because its like drinking water and eating. It's necessary and vital and My relentless use of your body will NEVER stop until one of U/us draws their last breath. XOXO Master
All so very true, so very accurate. i live to please Him and whatever it takes to accomplish that is in my repertoire. It is truly an amazing relationship that we've formed, shared and enjoy. i have no need for Anyone else.