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2020-08-24 10:56:22 (UTC)

Hello my friends

Been a good while.

I’m learning to deal with the death of my brother. I’ve attempted to reach out to my adopted mother. Will see what a disappointment that will be.

Indio and I are doing ok. His little princess is still doing the same. I ended up getting a plastic carpet cover to protect the whole room. Indio doesn’t like it, but she still continues to use my carpet. He makes up every excuse to why it happens. I don’t argue, I just explain, my house, my carpet, I don’t want it stained. My cats don’t use the carpet, and I don’t care to clean up after her. Plain and simple.
He is moving into his buddy’s condo. Guess his bud is moving in with his new woman.
I’ve thought, that, if Indio was serious, he would move this way, get a city job up here, but nope. He refuses. I’m not uprooting my kid. Sorry.

Did get to video chat with his uncle. He is a trip. He kept telling Indio to step up. I deserve to be treated right and if I treat him good, he should step up and be a man. I think his uncle likes me. He is in PRico. Such a sweetie. His wife looks young enough to be his daughter. I’m the first woman in Indios life to talk to his uncle. I felt honored.

I been cooking a little more, but been paying the price physically.

I finally heard back from SS but no ruling has been made yet.

Other than that, I’m doing ok.

I have got arthritis in my jaw, so dealing with that, and water poisoning. I do, drink a beer daily. So far, I’ve kept it at one. It’s tough. But, I’m trying my best. I shouldn’t be going this route, but, I guess I’m trying to prove I can? Not sure what I’m doing.

I guess my memory has gotten worse. People close to me are getting irritated. I forget a ton. I repeat myself. I ask the same questions. I wish they wouldn’t get short with me.
I see the commercials about how older people forget things, and now I understand how bad it feels and hurts.
Wish I could fix myself.

I still get extremely exhausted. End up crashing close to the same time every day. About 2 hours.

I found out, my nightmares have gotten worse. I am told, I sit up, wave my arms like I’m fighting, and scream “Leave me alone, go away, stop, just stop!”
Not sure what all is going on, I don’t remember any of it.
That’s the one nice thing about video when I’m sleeping.

Today, I will attempt to rearrange the living room, and spare bedroom.

My kid will be doing the online schooling this school year. I’m at a higher risk, so neither one of us wants to risk it.

I will update more in a few.