Experienced Life
2020-08-24 01:04:30 (UTC)

Had to take two narcos🤒

The pain was overhelimg. Instead of one every hrs, I had to take 2 every 4 hrs. I get that they want t wean ne off of this stuff and I myself don't need drugs in my body start working out again one day.

But God damn the pain was just too intense.. i already got a friend with extra norco to give me should they wean me off and mu other friend Jenny got me some liquid cbd too just in case.

So I'm covered in case the Dr.s don't listen to my pain and just go through the normal process of weaning me off n of drugs.
Let's see who else can get fused from c3 to c6. Have two rod
screwed on the same bones and. Drill the side of each bone for my nerves to be able to flow without being pinched.. let's not n forget detaching my naturallynl fused v3 b9ne and moved back to align my spinal column before fusing.

Frickimg nurses only looking at dates of operation and not the severity of it.

Im physically at like 15% like I said and it almost feels like I'd rather die than be this pathetic way.

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