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Through My Eyes
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2020-08-24 04:26:53 (UTC)

Riding Around

I haven’t been able to drive myself anywhere since my license has been suspended due to being reported to DMV for seizures. As a result I want to go everywhere I can to get out the house, my son has graciously offered to take me site seeing and I’m loving it. Tonight he took me to Hollywood Hills to see the stunning view of the city, there was a lot of twist and turns to get up the hill but it was worth it to be able to look over the city and the beautiful homes. I’m so happy my son has offered to take me places to get my spirits up. It has really made me happy and it gets my mind off of my medical condition. Otherwise I would be just sitting in the house with a sad look on my face and tears running down my cheeks. After coming from the hill we road down Hollywood Blvd, it has been years since I had been on this street and things is looking a lot different from what I remember. I truly enjoyed the ride and is extremely grateful he has done this for me, he plans on taking me next week somewhere else and I’m looking forward to it.