2020-08-23 11:30:54 (UTC)

Another Update

It's August. The last time I wrote an entry on here it was March. Don't worry though, I have a bunch that I've been writing in my physical diary. I just have to go back and put them on here.

So what's changed? A lot actually.

For one, I got that deep love I've been looking for. I forgot that it was even something that I was looking. (I remembered because I was reading my other entries for funzzies.) Um...yeah so me and Blake live together now. We were going strong until a day or two ago but that's for another entry entirely.

I got a new job. So instead of papa johns, I'm working in a doctor's office now which is pretty cool. Um.....I'm thinking about starting online school in Spring. I want to do online school at University of Central Florida. You know, going back to my central Florida roots. As in roots, I guess I mean the time I was happiest for 2 years. But that also could have been because I was away from my abuse boyfriend, on medications and going to therapy but I digress.

Oh and I guess this marks the first um....entry since I made it public again. So that's cool. OH!

I forgot. So in a previous entry I said that my brother was probably lying about having a baby. He wasn't he had a BEAUTIFUL baby girl. Whitney had a baby girl too. They're both beautiful and I think they're also around 2-3 months old. I'm not sure. But I love Whitney's baby. I'd say I loved Josh's baby girl but I don't even like him and I will probably never meet her either. But hey I'm only 22. There's a chance that I'll see her eventually.

I think...that's it? Nothing special...Alright so...bye

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