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2020-08-23 07:09:20 (UTC)

Guy #2 Disappointment

So this is the 2nd guy i'm talking to for marriage and initially he was fun to talk and now he seems to have cooled down. He took 3 days to call me and today is 4th day, i understand he had interviews and study but how long are we gonna talk 10 hrs??? moron. If he calls today then fine or else ill delete his number by informing him. His profile is good also he is average in looks we talked pretty good he talk about connection and all, he shared few cooking pics also and all of sudden he doomed down. fuck you... how more can my life become sad, boring and disappointing... i'm fed up literally. My life is taking me nowhere. No job, no Money, no guy nothing at all.
I miss Monku sometimes, how he cared and listed to my cribbings i miss him... but i don't want him in my life again because he disappointed me the most in my life. i believed in him that he is my life changer and he did but in a negative way. I thought he will take care and he did by excluding me, I thought he will be my side but he sided me. He could have easily sorted things if he wanted but no he disappointed me in many wayssss... everything was waste, I feel miserable like this searching for a guy. If i choose a wrong guy or the guy Ill chose will be not good then my life is finish. how on this earth is it difficult to get a good guy and job and have a blessed happy basic life??? why is good putting me test?? For now to be frank I have nothing to be happy about in my life. Its blank I have nothing to fill in. i really have no idea whats my future I am Zero also I feel inferior to introduce myself as jobless.
so lets see if Boy number 2 calls me or not. BTW Guy number 3 is on his way lolzzz
may bappa bless everyone.....