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Through My Eyes
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2020-08-22 23:55:53 (UTC)

Riding & Favorite Place

My son has taken me riding again today. The first ride was to the city Van Nuys because we was taking his girlfriend to see her grandma, from there he took me to Lake Balboa Park to sit and look over the lake and watch the ducks. Then from there we went to Palmdale to drop of his girlfriend to a friends home. It was a nice relaxing long ride that I truly enjoyed. I just sat in the back seat listening to my favorite station 102.3. After dropping his girlfriend off he took me to my favorite place to go to again, this time it was Santa Monica Beach. We went in the evening near the Promenade and also to Palisades Park. There we walked over to the wall to look over the beach. It was so lovely, calm and relaxing to be outside feeling the cool breeze and watching the ocean. I’m so excited my son took me here. I just love going to the beach especially at night. My spirits been down since I’ve been diagnosed with Epilepsy, so my son felt this would lift me up and I must say he was right. Anytime I’m at the beach near the ocean I’m happy.