deanne and Connor

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2020-08-22 09:42:47 (UTC)

Lost Opportunity

Yesrerday turned out to be a challenging day for me, and therefore for me spending time with Master. The morning event that nearly caused an accident was unavoidable but resulted in time away to have a tire replaced and to have to leave the car at the shop while they got the proper tire and installed it. All this means is that i was away from Master much of the day and when we finally connected toward the end of the day the car needed to be picked up before the shop closed.

Master was feeling the need to use me and i was feeling the need to be used, but circumstances and time precluded anything from happening. During our brief visit late afternoon it was apparent that the sparks between us were flying and that had i been able to stay He would have received whatever He wanted. Typically that would mean me on my knees pleasing Him. Beyond that it would depend on His mood and desires. It may have ended there, or He may have had His way penetrating me in one of His favorite positions. Regardless of the activity He would have left completely pleased. i would have left knowing that He was indeed pleased, and if He had allowed it i may have had an orgasm of my own.

But as the subject line indicates yesterday was nothing more than a Lost Opportunity. There will be others. i am just disappointed that Master had to lose that particular opportunity yesterday.

Soon, Master.