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2020-08-22 13:02:26 (UTC)

Happy, no seizures last two days!

My baby brother has watched over me for the last week closely and he said that the last two days I slept throughout the night with no incidents/episodes. I was extremely excited to know that I didn’t have any seizures because this has truly been a scary experience for me with these seizures and not knowing when they’ll occur. I can only hope the doctors can determine why I’m having them. So far nothing has shown on all the test I’ve taken. I took an EEG test a few days ago and waiting on the results from that test. The CT Scan and the MRI didn’t pick up anything. I’ve been trying to keep myself calm because I’m told stress can cause you to have one. I’ve also been slowly changing what I eat too to see if that can help too. I’m extremely grateful for the help my family has given me. My sister and brother gets mad every time I thank them for helping me. I just want to let them know how appreciative I am for their help.