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2020-08-21 15:17:23 (UTC)

cheating is a CHOICE

4:17 pm

i watched this reddit video on youtube about this lady who cheated on her husband while i was eating and i almost cried cause i felt so bad for her husband. i dont think i can ever really understand cheating. you cant call cheating a "mistake" because it was your choice. calling it a mistake is selfish. mistakes are unintentional and i dont see how cheating can be unintentional.

i remember when i was like 15 and i saw this dude online with her girlfriend. i was friends with the dudes and we would play games together occasionally. then i kinda had a mini crush on him and so i stopped talking to him after that???? i just knew that it wouldnt get me anywhere good and i knew that i would never ever want to hurt somebody so i didnt. to be involved with cheating while knowing fully of what youre doing is inexcusable. if even 15 year old me knew how to control myself, i dont understand how fully grown adults cant.

if your marriage is failing and you feel bored, TALK TO YOUR SPOUSE about it. dont go into cheating.

i try to think about why people do it and i think its probably cause relationships can start to feel redundant and you want something new. you want to feel the butterflies and the thrill but to throw away and hurt people that LOVE you away because of that one second of thrill is just pathetic.

there are people out there that feel so unloved and just crave that type of feeling. i think that it is important to cherish the times that you have with your friends, family, and loved ones. never take things for granted.

also reed just told me to tell write in my diary that he loves me. LOL.

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