Do Not Disturb

2020-08-21 18:34:24 (UTC)

Work - aholic

My job tried to call me in yesterday because they needed some help I told them I'm not available. And my manager tried to call me in today but I didn't pick up. And yesterday and today was both my days off. Why do they keep doing this to me ? I know they probably be short staff sometimes. But... What's the point of having me off if, y'all want me to come in on my days off. I've been working all this week. I'm not about to answer the phone. And I don't have to come into work. I've been stressed enough at work already. They tried to bribe me yesterday into getting me free food and I'm like I already get free food every single day because of the whole Covid-19. I swear their trying to work the living shit out of me. I finally get days off and they want me to work. No mam. No sir. That won't do. I be tired to. They just need to hire more people at night.

Hooks said he was gonna try and come over again today. He came last night around 8 but a little late. Its sad that the people that he know would pick him up before his family could ever. His sister won't even pick him up and that's just sad and it was raining a little still. I did enjoy him I did but he kept trying to be all touchy last night. And I just wanted us to sit down and talk and watch a movie. I guess he didn't want that. He wanted sex. And I think he was a little bit high. I do like being on the phone with him I do. But still like just have normal conversation with me instead of being all touchy with me every five seconds. Ughhh!!!!


Mood: Annoyed

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