Do Not Disturb

2020-08-19 00:42:51 (UTC)

Feels Good

I blocked Tay... Again. At first I regretted it so I unblocked him and texted him again but he just kept reading my texts so I just blocked him again and for good this time. And well, at least I have Hooks who gives me all the attention in the world. He calls and text me.

U made me cry u hurt me and u don't give a fuck about it. 'm trying so hard with you and all ur doing is ignoring me not giving me answers and I wanted to hang out with you today but ik ur not gonna pick up the phone or anything if I call or text u no respond and I didn't do shit to you. I don't deserve to be treated like this tay your a liar u hurt my feelings I don't get u and probably never will I'm crying every day BC of the shit that u keep doing to me that u don't care about idk what's going on in your life that makes u wanna ignore me but I have nothing to do with it but u could try and respond to my messages at least at least let me know what's going on but no u ignore me amd I never done shit to u but try and talk to you ass and maybe yes I wanted to be in a relationship with u BC I liked u but u don't even text or call me but be everywhere else why me... Why do this to me ??? Why treat me like shit ??? And u think that u been through worse whatever u keep saying your house is loud and stuff Thursday but u haven't talked to me on the phone after that then u stopped texting me out of the blue with no answers barely ever since u didn't work at McDonald's. Why u wanna treat me like shit? Why u keep hurting me and hurting me and hurting? But then, if I see u in person then I know you definitely have been ignoring me and my calls when I'm a nice girl. I don't mind textig u and talking to u on the phone but I guess I'm just different from the other girls that u talk to or use to idk what to do to get you to respond to my texts and calls knowing that you definitely see them u just decided to ignore me and hurt me like all those other guys and make me cry and not give a fuck about my feelings still.

I worked with Rober and Ms. Kim.
I did a mistake that I shouldn't have tonight on my register. I pushed exact change on a lady drive-thru order so I had to ring it up again because she didn't have cash on her she had a card so, I swiped her card. And that was that. Ms. Kim said if, I ever did that again that I was fired even though I told her plenty of times it was a mistake.

Anyways, I didn't have the $10 on me. Not unless my Grandma give me ten dollars because I gave her ten before I went into work today and she said she was gonna give it back to me. So, I'm gonna keep reminding her. But honestly, what makes me mad about the whole situation and saying she's gonna fire me if, I cash the wrong order again just makes me wanna quit even more. I've always wanted to quit ever since the whole situation with Iven and his girlfriend. And who BTW isn't pregnant anymore she had a miscarriage due to stress or something like that because she's been working instead of just resting. But I'm over all of the bullshit honestly.

Tomorrow, I will try and apply for Wal Mart since my mother's off work. And if I get a job and an interview their I'll quit McDonald's most definitely.

Anyways, today was a not so good day until I got to talk to Hooks on the phone and still talking him. I like being the phone with him. At least he doesn't ignore me or my calls and reads my texts.

- A

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