Life On The Line
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2020-08-21 18:22:05 (UTC)


Listen, I don't want my ex back but I still love him, so it's still hard especially seeing him at work and I'm gonna be honest, I think it's hard on Chris but I just cannot be friends with him or speak to him, It's not gonna help me and yes maybe it is selfish but I have to be to help me along in life.
He is constantly looking at me at work and today I'm not even sure if he maybe might of waved at me to try and be civil, I can't be sure.
I want him to be happy and I do wish I was the girl for him & the girl that could make him happy but It isn't to be so I'm sorry if he just wants to be friends but it cannot happen. I think he would understand more when he has properly been in love and been with someone he generally wants and maybe if that doesn't work out, maybe he will understand it's not that simple.