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2020-08-21 17:14:54 (UTC)

Flying saucers

I was remembering the other day how before all this new technology I would listen to the radio on my mothers pick up in the evenings is when the pop music would play and you'd get to listen to people's greetings a friends or a guy you had no idea liked you would let you know trough the DJ how much he liked you. Belive it or not it was an adrenaline rush LOL. I on the other hand would wait for my favorite Shakira new song to play she was at the begining of her career and I was trilled with her lyrics and music. So I would get a glimps of a few lines and hurried up to write them down and it would go on for a few day's in till I got the whole song down and learned it so the next time I listen to it I would sing it out loud feeling so proud of my self for learning it. I learned her first few hit songs this way and Enrique Iglesias first hit's as well.
Yes you might have figure I am from the cassett player era and walkman's and cd players. all the way to mp3 players is so funny to see how much things and music have changed. When I was a kid my mother's friend had a console vinil disk player the same disks became our flying saucers after the cd's became popular. I will for ever be gratefull to my dearest friend Ritchie and his Chalan Radio Spot online radio shows friday night evenings is a little taste of the old radio shows I'd listen to as a teen. So for now it's very nice to have all kind's of music to listen to when ever at the palm of your hand.

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