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2020-08-21 13:00:14 (UTC)

Step 2

Today I am feeling rather positive. I just have a different feeling in my soul. It can happen at any time actually. Yesterday I was having a suckish day and today I am on top of the world. I've also realized that other people can't control how you feel, only you can. People may do some shitty things and say some bad things but it will only affect you if you let it. I am so done feeling down in the dumps because of other people. I am ready to focus on me and my life and achieve all of my goals. I am ready to become better, do better and just live better. I'm sure we've all heard this a thousand times but life is short. Focus on the good things and don't allow the bad to get you down. Focus on the people who love and support you, the ones who don't really don't matter.

I know what I want and I'm going after it! I know where I want to live, what I want to do, what kind of person I want to be with and all this time I have been doubting myself and questioning myself. I had the answers all a long! So my step 2 in this healing process is to LIVE.