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2020-08-20 17:09:05 (UTC)

Partner Goals

Today I was having a hard time, I just realized that this is my fifth failed relationship and I started getting all these negative flashbacks. I had some intrusive bad thoughts about my future too. I don't want to end up alone but I also won't settle for anything less than I deserve. I know how I want to be treated and why should I let the fear of being alone stop me from getting what I deserve?

I'm a good person with a great heart and so much love to give. I'm loyal, honest and I can commit. I am educated and independent, I can cook, clean do laundry. I have a BA Degree that I worked so hard for. I am patient, kind and loving. I have so many things to be grateful for and I know the right person will find me. I know that God never gives up on me so why am I spiraling towards quitting? I love LOVE and Im not going to pretend that I don't because people don't treat me right. I have been through the most! I have been cheated on, lied too, disrespected and disregarded. I just want someone I can feel safe with, someone I can trust and someone who is honest and loyal with pure intentions. I want someone who is respectful and ambitious. I want someone who also knows what they want and doesn't get distracted by stupid things like other women and partying. I want a grown ass man who shows me how serious he is with his actions. I want someone who knows who they are and doesn't portray to be something they're not. I want a good man. I will not settle. No more! I know what I want and it might take a while but watch me get it.