Carrie notes
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2020-08-20 03:47:25 (UTC)

The Difference Between Men And Boys

I have learned:
There's a difference between a boy who likes you and man who needs your soul next to his.
I'm officially over Don Paridas. Te jerk told me he would help me when he was in town. Then when he found out I was 49 he commented it was time to trade me in. Then I went to call him tonight and discovered his phone is disconnected, or he changed his number.
1. He has pulled shit like this before and I have taken him back.
2. I stood by him while he was doing a 6 month rider.
3. I stood up for him when my family sent him text messages from my phone that were nasty.
4. I even stood up for him when some stupid bitch accused him falsely of rape.
I see now he only wanted one thing out of me and it wasn't money. What an asshole!

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