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Through My Eyes
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2020-08-19 15:32:55 (UTC)

My life has changed

My life has changed drastically, being diagnosed with Epilepsy has scared the crap out of me because you don’t know when you’ll have one. I’ haven’t had any seizures at all before, I’m unsure why I’m having them now. My family thinks I’m having them because I missed my brother and uncle who passed away a few years ago, they also feel it’s because I’ve been complaining about my job lately too and the doctors think it’s stress. Most of the seizures occur at night while I’m sleep, however since my baby brother has been with me at night he’s the one whose been hearing me and seeing what’s been happening at night, he feels it’s nightmares. Everyone else who’ve see them states I have this blank stare for about 5 to 10 minutes and then I come to and don’t recall or remember anything, I act as if nothing has happened. I looked it up online and apparently its know as the Staring Spell. I wish I knew why I’m having them so I can get this under control. I’ve been truly scared and frightened that this is happening to me because I can’t control myself and I don’t really know why it’s happening. I can only be hopeful at this point.