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2020-08-19 14:27:44 (UTC)

Step 1

So admitting that you have a problem is usually the first step of recovery? Since I have BEEN complaining how guys have let me down in the past and in relationships I have decided to list my faults. The mistakes I make in a relationship.

1. I am unforgiving.
2. Stubborn
3. My communication sucks.
4. I give too much.
5. I am set in my ways.

It might not be a long list but it's a start right? I am admitting that these are the things that bring conflict in my relationships BUT I know how I want to be treated and if someone is not going to give me the treatment I deserve WHY should I stay? Why should I try and explain my love language to someone who doesn't need to do that to me? I am done being in one sided relationships. While I am single I will work on these things and try to improve myself. I know I'm great and I only want the person that I'm with to be great too.