Truer than True

Through My Eyes
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2020-08-19 03:58:09 (UTC)


Since I’ve been sick and can’t drive due to the seizures I’ve been having my baby brother has come down to my home to help me and drive me around so I can get to my destinations. Well apparently last night when we got home and I went in the house while he parked my car he didn’t turn the headlights off resulting in the car not starting this morning to get to my two doctors appointments. I had to call AAA to get a jump so I could get to the appointments because I didn’t want to miss them. AAA came quickly which I was grateful because I didn’t want to be late to my appointments. However, since my brother has been here I’ve noticed he doesn’t turn anything off. He leaves the TV and fans on in the bathroom and the bedroom when he leaves. Also he doesn’t even close the patio door when he’s leaving. I am the one turning everything off and closing things up once I realize he’s gone. He also doesn’t wash any dishes he’s used, he just leaves them in the sink. I heard my son telling his uncle hey clean up after yourself because my mom doesn’t like dishes in the sink, all I could do was laugh. I’m trying not to complain because I’m grateful he’s here in my time of need but I do feel he could be a little more responsible.