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2020-08-18 19:22:22 (UTC)

Prompt 094: Video Games - Then And Now

94. Video and computer games came about in the 1970s, though they look nothing like the cinematic games of today. How would a person from the 1970s react to games like Halo III? Would it ruin games from the 70s for this person? Why or why not?
Keeping it short and sweet this time round.
Thoughts, in order of execution from this time-hopping dude from the 1970s. This entire exchange, sadly, takes less than 10 minutes.
1. ...The hell am I doing here? Why are you asking me to play video games?
2. is it you can control characters in that movie?
3. That THING in your hands is a video game controller?!?! It has like 90 buttons and five joysticks on it. And it shakes in your freakin' hands! How do they expect anyone to use this thing as controls? It's like a Chevy Nova's transmission, for Pete's sake.
4. Let me try.
5. AAAAAAGH! No! No! No! NO!
6. Here. I'll watch. It's fine.
7. So you ever play Asteroids? ...How 'bout Pong?

If that person goes back in time somehow, they'll be jaded by the entertainment of their present time. Nobody will believe them when they say, "Just you wait... In the future you'll be controlling characters in movies, using a vibrating box with a dozen buttons and joysticks on it. To hell with this 'Defender' crap."

Contemporary games will be too basic for them, while those they sampled in the future will be too intense. Let's not even consider VR goggles. I'd rather not see Encino Man shit himself... I know I nearly did the first time I ever used them for a game.


Back at work this week. Had the annual review with the Executive Director. I'm now being paid more than I ever expected to earn at this job. And hey, speaking on the topic of video games: I am paid to make video games as part of the training materials I use in the virtual classroom. My working life is the best it's ever been: working from home, my boss likes what I do, my work actually makes a positive difference in the world, and I am paid very well.

It's interesting that so many other things are straight-up hellish. But one cannot have it all, as they say.

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