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2020-08-17 17:22:09 (UTC)

Out of commission :( amended Aug 20th, 2020

☠ Had surgery. In a lot of pain. My surgeon did indicate I will be in tremendous pain. Challenge accepted. Well.... I change my mind. Never have I felt this much pain before in my life. 2 hrs sleep after the 1st 24 hrs post surgery and that's because they gave me morphine.

Otherwise......pain. like glass shards in your neck. One wrong move and that glass shard sends pain up and down your spine.

Don't want to get technical but the broke off bone to move it back to get it aligned with my spube, screwed it in. Screws to my bones and attached rods to it. Drilled the side channels to my bones for nerve clearance.

Had a clamp pulling my back muscles apart so they could get to the operating area. Dr told me they opened up about a 4"x6" area.

Clamped my head to keep it straight and in the process put 4 holes in my head clamping it too hard and causing it to swell like it got hit with a hammer.

All this for what? Left hand free and clear from any numbness. Sooooo... darts, bowling, gun range, and all that cool stuff I had to quit is back on the table baby!!!!

I asked about the initial pain I feel when I move my neck. Is it the nerve being pinched I asked? Dr said this is you normal feeling when your skin is healing back together so the agony of that sharp glass cutting into my spinal column iid not it. it's my normal muscles in pain healing together. So even thought It's agonizing and I have to wince everytime I feel that pain, it's ok and to any really spinal cord tear. Meaning grin and bear it.

Thank you all for you well wishes and nice messages here. It's nice that even though we haven't physically met, I can still feel you warmth through the internet into my heart. You all are so cool. And yes, for my little clique here too that has special communication here with me too and I feel your warmth also. xoxoxo

Still in pain so I'll keep ths ammended post short.

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