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2020-08-17 16:19:12 (UTC)

First 48

August 17,2020
7:27 Am 4 shots outside the house. Marcus was shot in his leg by the dumpster
Startled at seeing the truth,-You should thank a monk for seeing the sight. Know thyself and that thyself does not reside on either Locust or Brownsville and does not need to be up here huffing WIFI or causing concern for the local residents.

The 3rs of Neurobiology
The fun thing about being developed in academia is that you can acknowledge a definition and separate yourself from it. According to this current work Emotional Intellegence by Daniel Goleman, some people exhibit emotional flatness. Logic, memory, and cognitive ability are not what cause my dispassion. I am focused on my own tragedy. Reflection of the constant computerlike aggivation that has no purpose intruding into my physical space and wasting my well metered and organized time. Organized time, I hope that slew does turn a phrase. The etymologies I pour through as well as others' mastery of deflection cause me to state my worth.

You are not confused and this is not difficult. It is not dangerous
I am not anxious.
You are not my activity
You are not my companion
I am not going to allow myself to be implicated in expired crimes and swept up in nauseating thoughts because you have extra time on you lunch break to be stealing sanity.
This is not a medical emergency
I do no need any assistance organizing my time or money. I am not deaf or hard of hearing
I heard what you said, saw what you did, and my reaction was to chronicle what happened. And print it out which has been a long time in the making. I am a natural to feeling and expression. You have made me realize that a lot of societal behavior is unspoken. I have the privilege of believing that everything that happens is natural and a part of Gods plan for me. Even if someone would park a truck full mold on the lawn and just leave it there for a month. OR the idea that drugs and violence are a night time sport.We are 500feet from a police station with the cameras running (OH PLEASE CARE) and I make no assumptions.Through prayer I should not have to worry about speaking kindly to neighbors and enjoying my clean outdoor space.

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