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2020-08-17 15:29:39 (UTC)

Working Out Day 2

I've tried working out before, a few years ago when abs and thick asses were trending, and my body hurt too much for me to be able to be consistent about it. My joints would creak and my tailbone was getting bruised. I thought that I just weren't meant to work out. Now that I think about it, I was just doing it wrong.
Now that I'm an adult, I'm doing things more slowly. I'm only going to be doing stretches and 10 minute exercises to condition my dormant muscles to wake up and get used to being used again after months of doing nothing but wake up, eat, and sleep.
I already started the exercise yesterday. I found a youtube video that was easy enough to follow and not overly taxing to my body. I made sure to stretch my body really well before starting. It made me persperate, moist and managed to increase my body temperature but not outright leave my muscles shaking. I also did a set of stretches after the exercise to cool down.
The day after, my muscles were miraculously fine. It was only a tiny bit sore, but I considered it a major victory. Back then, my body would hurt so much the day after a work out that I was barely able to walk down a flight of stairs. Now, I was able to continue my work out routine. I did the same things as yesterday. I haven't noticed a major change (duh) but I was less breathless after a set.
I can't do much about the things I eat during lunch and dinner since I have to eat whatever my dad cooks but I'm starting to eat oatmeal for breakfast and drink plenty of water. It's not so noteworthy but I figured I should put it here to further motivate myself.