La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2020-08-17 14:14:53 (UTC)

Trying to stay calm.

Yesterday would have been my brothers 28th birthday, he died at 21 and is hard to remember him, I make myself try to forget but something always end up reminding me anyways, and today is my nephews birthday, my doughter has been super excited for the last few days. The only down side is that today I have an apointment at the DNV to go get my ID changed with my name. I have been having a hard time getting all my legal documents in order, maybe is for a reason other wise I've probably had left a long time ago, I feel stuck here I need a place where I feel like am growing and I've relaize this is not it. Everyone around me grows and I make things hapend for all of them except my self so is it ok to consider their sucess my onw? I realy don't know. I have been doing well acording to the situation these days nothing seems normal. So I try my best. Not many exciting things hapening latley. Mysons inscription for school got pull foward a month from now, I just might send him out to the U.S. to work if this keeps hapening. We are still in red numbers for Covit and as much as people are taking the means necesary they just keep saying we are in red. So for now I will take a nother sip of my coffe and get ready for a nother day.

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