Kameron’s journal
2020-08-17 02:09:18 (UTC)

Part three of my fanfic

Shinsou places his hands on the smaller male’s lower back, kissing him deeper, as he pins the smaller male against the dorm door.

Denki gently bit shinsou’s lower lip, as he kissed him, his breathing heavy. Shinsou slowly grinds on the smaller male, kissing him deeply. Denki let out a soft moan, as he kissed the taller male, feeling the taller male’s lower half rub up against his he began gay panicking, wanting more of shinsou. Shinsou slides his hands to the button on the smaller male’s pants, undoing the button, he slides denki’s pants off, returning to kissing him.

Denki helped shinsou with his pants, taking off the taller male’s shirt quickly, in the process ripping it, he giggles quietly and tosses the shirt to the ground, kissing the taller male again. Shinsou ripped the smaller male’s shirt off, not caring if it was his Pikachu shirt or not, he threw it to the pile of clothes they had made on the floor, picking up denki, holding him against the door kissing him deeply.

Denki pouted since the taller male had ripped off his Pikachu shirt, but he didn’t really care if it meant he would get the taller male, as he kisses shinsou he begins to ty and get the taller male’s pants off. Shinsou stopped the smaller male from taking his pants off, tossing him onto the bed, smirking as he undresses all the way. Denki became flustered instantly, looking at the now naked male standing before him.

Shinsou started at the naked small male on his bed, biting his lower lip, hiding how badly he wanted to fuck the smaller male, with a smirk. Denki was shaking a little bit, becoming a little more hard, as he looked at the naked male, obviously wanting him really badly. Shinsou slowly walked to his bed, looking at the needy smaller male, smirking. “Is my baby needy?~” he said teasingly towards the smaller male.

Denki squirmed around a little bit, watching the taller male approach him, he stuttered out “I-I. . . Maybe~”. Shinsou chuckled quietly, sitting at the edge of his bed, looking into the helplessly needy male’s eyes. Denki’s eyes were filled with lust for the indigo haired male, as he looks back into the purple haired male’s eyes he crawls into the indigo haired male’s lap.

Shinsou smirked, whispering into the smaller male’s ear “ride me~”.