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2020-08-16 13:46:29 (UTC)

Sleep Problems

My brother said last night when I was sleep I was moving around in the bed rapidly. He said I was talking, moving and turning left and right for about five to six times. He said he called me several times and once I responded I stopped and rolled over and went to sleep. He said it wasn’t a seizure, I just wasn’t responding or communicating to him when he was calling me. He said it was like I was sleep walking but still laying down. I don’t remember or recall any of this at all, after he told me this I started crying. I’m 51 and wondering why is the happening to me? I’ve never had any problems before, this is really scary and frightening to me. I’m glad he was here with me and I wasn’t by myself when this happened. After crying my brother hugs me and tells me to stop crying and don’t worry, he said that’s why he’s here to watch over his big sister. He said he will be here for as long as I need him to be because I’ve always been there for him. I’m glad to know it wasn’t a seizure but I do need to find out what is happening to me so I can get back to normal.