Kameron’s journal
2020-08-16 04:26:31 (UTC)

Part 2 of my fanfic before I go to bed

Shinsou smirks softly, holding onto the smaller male tightly, as he looks up at him. ”why are you chewing on my shirt?” shinsou asked, holding back a laugh. Denki started blushing, no longer chewing on shinsou’s shirt. ”i-i d-dunno” he stutters, avoiding looking into shinsou’s eyes.

Shinsou smirks, walking into his dorm, as he closes the door he sets the smaller male down. Denki’s entire face was completely red, as he looked up at the taller male. Shinsou leaned down, kissing the smaller male deeply, pushing him up against the dorm room door. Denki kisses shinsou back, sliding his arms gently around the taller male’s neck.

(Sorry it’s not much, there will be more tomorrow)