La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
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2020-08-15 21:42:18 (UTC)

happy to have a place to call home

Last night we spend the night at my Mother in law, and in the middle of the night it began to poor rain, so much it flooded my bedroom, I got back to my house to find a lot of my things wet, some of my hopechest where wet as well, and I was so sad to see a lot of thing ruined, but was glad to see my babies ultrasound pictures did not get wet, not did a lot of other very special sentimental value tresures. I began going thorugh mmy things and remembered how much we use to struggle at the begining of our marriage financially. But we have come a ongs ways since then am so grateful for the life we have goten to live and even though my medical expenses are very high maintance my husband and my good administrative skills have paid off. I hope one day I get to sit with both my children and their families and share all these wonderful stories that make you look at your life difrently and with a grateful heart.

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