Adria's Reflections
2020-08-15 21:42:37 (UTC)

My First Virtual Class

Today I took my very first virtual class via Zoom. I was so freaking nervous about it. I haven't been in a classroom setting since I was 21 years old. That's over 10 years ago!

On top of being nervous about attending a class, this class was going to be online using Zoom, something I hadn't done before so I was extra nervous about making sure I set everything up right.

Also, a bunch of strangers were going to see my big face on screen with no makeup and my hair all picked up because at 10 am in Texas it's already hot as hell.

The class I signed up for was Brush Lettering for Beginners. Yeah I know, I've technically been brush lettering for 2 years but because I just learned by watching small clips of people on YouTube I felt I wasn't missing some stuff. Plus the ticket for the class was super affordable ($25) which to me was a sign that I SHOULD take this class. Then I had a few extra bucks to buy the kit for the class, which isn't necessary since Sip and Script tells you what you'll need for each class. But I thought what the heck and bought it.

The class was taught by Amanda Reid whom I started following on Instagram back in June when I saw her work on Calligraphers of Color (which she founded). I just thought her work was amazing and her personality was engaging and fun.

Fast forward to today and class starts. Right away I was put at ease by the fact that the class was small and was all women. Amanda was so fun and nice and it was easy to get into the class. I was pretty quiet most of the time which is normal for me. I'm so shy in public and especially in a learning environment where I'm a student. I'm afraid that I'll miss something!

I had so much fun though and while I know that's not the case in every online learning situation, I know that if I get another chance to take a class with Amanda as the teacher, I'm definitely going to do it.