2001-10-11 01:21:08 (UTC)

A Blustery Day

It was very much a blustery day today and it probably
signals the beginning of the rainy season. I took full
advantage of it. This morning I baked a blueberry pie, made
pepperoni/provolone cheese bread for the boys to snack on
after school, and started a pan of yeast dinner rolls.
We had pot roast for dinner.

John made a fire in the fireplace this morning before he
left to go into town. I made him promise to drive carefully
as the rain was really falling and he was driving his old
pick-up. He wanted to bring it because it needs gas and
it's much cheaper in Eugene. He was thinking of me, I know,
because he bought me a set of new windshield wipers for the

The cats have decided that being inside is much better than
being outside and now want to spend most of their days and
all of their nights inside, where it's warm and dry.
They're not stupid animals. They always have a little tiff
about who will get to sleep next to the sliding glass door
window to keep an eye on the outside; Sugar always wins.

I quilted a little on the Leap! quilt but not much and I did
get more laundry done. The laundry never ends around here.
As soon as I finish one load and think I'm done it seems
another load magically appears.

I mailed Jack the little mixer he wanted for smoothies.
John stuffed all the pairs of black socks he could in
the extra spaces but he could only get 11 out of the dozen that
were in the package. I guess the last pair will go with
the cookies I'll be sending him next week.

So now it appears we'll have a blustery night. There's a
little wind but only a little and inside it's cozy.

I LOVE autumn!