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2020-08-15 05:14:05 (UTC)

Shinsou X Denki

Shinsou X Denki

The purple haired male walks through the halls of UA, listening to his music, his mask covering his face, his purple hair slightly covering his left eye. The blond haired male walks past shinsou and squeaks looking down he speeds up. Shinsou quickly looks behind him to see denki walking away. Denki runs into the boys bathroom as he starts breathing quickly.

Shinsou walks into the boys bathroom and sees denki, he smiles softly and says “hey, denki. You ok?” In a soft soothing voice. Denki nods and backs against the wall his cheeks turning light pink as he starts blushing. Shinsou chuckles softly, pinning denki to the wall he gently leans down and kisses him. Denki squeaks softly but doesn’t move, kissing shinsou back softly.

Shinsou quickly pulls away breaking the kiss. Denki drools a little looking into shinsou’s beautiful purple eyes. shinsou stares deeply into denki’s beautiful gold eyes holding him close. Bakugou kicks the door open and barges in yelling “SHUT UP YOU FUCKING NERD!” At deku who is following right behind him. “B-but Kacchan- ... it’s true!” Deku stutters out. “What’s true?” Denki asks softly pushing shinsou gently away walking to deku.

Deku hugs Denki tightly “t-that k-kacchan I-is a-an angry p-pomeranian.” Deku stutters quietly. Denki chuckles ad holds deku close “aww..is angry Pomeranian mad?” Denki teases bakugou. Bakugou growls as he runs at Denki. Gold sparks of electricity fly off of Denki as his quirk activates. Bakugou squeaks and backs against the wall. Denki chuckles and shocks bakugou with his quirk “leave poor midoriya alone.” Denki has a warning tone as he speaks to bakugou.

Bakugou nods and runs out the door. Denki lets deku chase bakugou as he lets out a quiet sigh. Shinsou puts his hands on denki’s waist “hey..what’s wrong?” Shinsou asks slightly concerned. Denki looks down at shinsou’s hand, gently laying his head against shinsou’s chest. “I-I want you-“ he stutters quietly, sliding his fingers through the belt loops on shinsou’s pants. Shinsou leans down, whispering “don’t worry baby, you can have me however you want~” into denki’s ear, having a bit of a flirty tone.

Denki shivers, groaning softly, tightening his grip on shinsou’s belt loops. Shinsou smirks softly, leaning down he gently begins kissing down the smaller male’s jawline, grabbing his waist, pulling his lower half closer, as he kisses the smaller male’s neck. Denki started to bite his lower lip, groaning quietly, his breathing quickening, as the taller male kisses his neck. Shinsou smirks, and gently bites denki’s neck, beginning to suck on his neck, licking the skin that is in his mouth, as he gives the smaller male a hickey.

Denki closes his eyes, holding back a quiet moan, seeing as how his neck is a sensitive spot. Shinsou bites the smaller male’s neck harder, gripping at his waist with his left hand, letting his right hand travel the smaller male’s lower half. Denki groans, a quiet moan escaping his lips. “M~Mmmhm~” he places his hand on the back of shinsou’s neck, squeeezing it gently. Shinsou groans quietly, sliding his hand to the button on the smaller male’s pants, slowly unbuttoning his pants, as he kisses his neck.

Denki wants shinsou badly, but he also doesn’t want to get in trouble, he grabs the taller male’s hands. ”t-toshi..c-can we go into your dorm I-if we are gonna do that?” he stutters out, his breathing heavy and quick. Shinsou picks up the smaller male, tossing him over his shoulder. ”Sure, Pikachu. If it makes you feel better, sure.” he says, while smiling. Denki clings to shinsou, blushing ”s-so we're actually g-gonna do this” he stutters, becoming a bit flustered.

Shinsou smirked, walking to his dorm. ”mhm, yes we are, Pikachu.” he say, his smirking getting bigger. Denki bites shinsou’s shirt, beginning to chew on it.

(To be continued tomorrow, I love writing fan fiction, if you have any requests feel free to ask me!)