I don't even know
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2020-08-15 01:04:39 (UTC)

Been A While

Dear Diary,
It feels like a while since I've written. I don't really have anything to write about most of the day. My life is pretty boring. Nothing's really worth writing about. Yesterday, me and my family went to the park. My dad wanted us to ride our bikes since it was pretty much our first time riding a bike in a long time. It felt so nice.Thrilling. Relaxing. It was a pretty good experience. My siblings are really annoying. Especially my little brother. They always argue, but they're really alike. My sister almost found out that I cut myself. I was laying down and my scars were visible. She noticed them and asked what they were. I think that she forgot about them already. She hasn't asked or tried to see. I should try to hide them better, if I'm being honest.