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2020-08-15 00:01:31 (UTC)

Annoyed with Sedgwick

This company Sedgwick that process the FMLA paperwork for my job is becoming annoying. They’re requesting a Work Status Report which I’ve sent but because it didn’t include a diagnosis on the letters they’ve requested for me to resend the letter again. I had my son take me to the hospital to pick up the letters because I can’t drive due to seizures I’ve been having. I opted to pick up the letters because the one available online doesn’t show the diagnosis and because they stated they needed the letters as soon as possible. Once I got the letters, I immediately send the letters by fax to the company again. Now they’ve contacted me today stating the diagnosis is not acceptable because it’s to general and they need something more specific. My primary doctor has the diagnosis as Altered Mental Status because she’s stating she can’t officially give me an diagnosis until after I’ve gotten the EEG done which is in 5 days. The neurologist has me taking medication for epilepsy and when I inquired with the primary doctor as to why have me take this medicine if I haven’t been officially diagnosed. She says so I want have anymore seizures. I’ve now contacted both doctors to see what can be done so I can still have a job. I’m truly thinking of changing from Kaiser Permanente because I haven’t been happy with the service and this is ridiculous I’m having to go through this. I really hate I’m sick and hoping I can get well soon and once I get well I’m going to do everything I can to ensure I don’t get sick again.

Update: My doctor has kindly rewritten the letter and show the diagnosis as Epilepsy. I resent the letter today and hope this is the last time I have to send this letter. Also each time I go to Kaiser Permanente to pick up the letter they tell me by law I don’t have to give them a diagnosis but according to this company they can’t approve the time off if the diagnosis is not on the letter. I hope I get better because this becoming stressful and all I’m trying to do is to get better and be hopeful.