Mundane Daily Life
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2020-08-14 22:40:20 (UTC)

Stupid Rant - 3

Sometimes. . my sis would say that she hate me. Out of random or whenever I don't want to do what she ask. It could be just a saying with no real meaning behind it, but sometimes I know that she means it.
I said nothing in response. Each time. I just look at her silently as she walk away after saying it or I would just pretend I didn't hear it agan ignore her completely.
It's not like it's not affecting me. It. . hurts. . when someone close to you just openly say that they hated you. It's hurting me but I said nothing. I could say nothing. What was I supposed to say ?
"I see"
"Yea, I know"
It doesn't matter. If I'm hurting then I'll be hurting in silence.

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