Mundane Daily Life
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2020-08-14 14:15:48 (UTC)

Stupid Rant

I don't know why I couldn't stop myself reading those romantic stories. All it managed to give me was just envy. Reading all those couple got their happy ending was indeed a nice thing. . I couldn't help but feel jealous of fictional characters, how pathetic.
It's not like I wanted that kind of romantic story in my life. . am I ? No, I don't think I can bring myself to "love" another.
Being in a relationship opportunity comes and goes as often as it could when you're a teenager. Dating someone else as a stupid teenager just mean hurting yourself or others in process. Love someone too much, you hurt yourself. Love someone less than they love you, you hurt them.
I haven't had a lot of relationship experience to talk about shit. . but maybe I'll write about those times sometimes soon.
Back to my point. . romantic stories are nice. They're just fictional that would never happened, to me, I guess. I'm not stupid enough to hope for some "miracle" bullshit to happen anytime soon. At least I could feel a bit happy when I read those happy endings or maybe just slowly adding to the jealousy part inside of me.
Nah, I'm not jealous at all.