La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2020-08-13 03:05:46 (UTC)

Time to trust.

9 day traditions of saying farewell to your spirit. You will truly be missed Suegro. Every time I'd walk in to your house you'd always greet me with a hello Less. And I miss your voice already. Today I went out to by a PC since going back to school will be online. Sounds like such a hassle I need to start getting things back in order in my house with so many expensses latly seems like I need to start doing things a little smarter. Funny how when your life takes a shift this big you do a lot of thinking and reflect on things that are truly important such as time. Where does it go, where do I invest it most and with whoom. Does it realy matter? I miss my family but they all have more important things to do than to give a call or take a call from me. I decided to let go and move on. Will see what time has in store for me. Good night.