Kameron’s journal
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2020-08-14 02:59:50 (UTC)

My depression and anxiety.

Hey guys, so I haven’t really been writing in my journal or been on for quiet a while. I’m sorry for that, but a lot has been going on. A few months ago I had finally gotten away from an abusive step father, every time I would go visit my mom and brothers I would end up getting abused by him. Well it turns out he hurt one of my brothers badly, so my mother had kicked him out, anyways my brother is ok now. I have been grieving over the loss of one of my little brothers. His name is Malachi. He passed a while ago, but I started cutting and thinking about killing myself for many reasons. I will explain the less personal reasons in my next journal entry, but for now I am gonna explain, why I haven’t been on in a while. So for one the abuse situation, for two I’ve been depressed, for three i couldn’t function very well, finally my father was put back in prison. I have only really ever gotten to see him once or twice my whole life and actually been able to go anywhere with him. He says he is gonna clean his act up and become a better person, for the sake of both of us I hope he does clean up his act. My brother andrew’s mother overdosed and left him alone and I can’t even be there for him, it hurts to know he is somewhere, hurting, maybe even dead. I hope he can get through this, without hurting himself to badly. Well that’s it for now as I said before I’m sorry for not writing.


(The second part will be uploaded tomorrow)