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Through My Eyes
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2020-08-14 02:03:05 (UTC)


I am really considering changing medical services because I haven’t been happy with Kaiser Permanente lately. I received a call telling me before I can see the doctor on my scheduled appointment I need to take the COVID-19 test again. I have taken this test three times now. The first time I took the test they lost the result so I had to go and take the test a second time. I DO NOT like this test, they stick a long q-tip all the way up your nostrils, this is the most uncomfortable test to take and when they stick that q-tip up my nose tears starts coming from my eyes. Yes, as grown as I am, I’m crying! I got the results back from the second test about two weeks ago and the results showed Not Detected, so when the lady called telling me I needed to retake the test again for the third time. I inform her I’ve taken this test all ready and the results was not detected, she proceeds to tell me because it’s been a little over two weeks I need to retake the test again. This is the third time I have taken this uncomfortable test. I hope this will be the last time I take this test. I’m extremely upset and not happy about having to take this test for the third time and I hope they don’t loose the results like they did the first time. There should be other alternatives.

Update: The results from the third test came back Not Detected.