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2020-08-13 21:25:54 (UTC)

Staring Spells

All of the seizures I’ve been having are Staring Spells known as Absence Seizures based on the description my family is stating how I am when I’m having one. It’s like I just blank out and then I start staring. Then they try calling my name to see if I will respond but I don’t. They say I’m not aware of what’s going on at all. When I do come to I act as if nothing has happened. Then according to family who’ve witnessed these incidents I get an attitude because they’re questioning me about what has happened. According to my sister I did this twice when I was with her almost a year ago but I don’t ever recall her mentioning it to me. However, my memory is another issue and concern I’ve been having problems with too. Now my cousin about a month ago stated I blanked out on her in the car when I was riding around with her. She is the only one I remember telling me about the staring spell but not the one my sister is claiming. I truly don’t know what’s happening to me and I’m extremely scared. I can only hope the doctors can help me figure out what’s causing my problems. My sister and cousin believe I’m having these medical problems because I miss my brother who passed away in 2018 and my uncle who passed away a year before my brother, plus I’ve been complaining about my customer service job that I’ve been with for a little over thirteen years now. As a result they feel I should speak with a therapist. At first I was thinking heck no, but now I’m thinking it wouldn’t hurt to speak with one especially if it is the reason I’m having these medical problems then maybe it can help. I can only be hopeful!!!!