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2020-08-13 19:30:46 (UTC)

Boysss and disappointment

The US guy dint msg me and neither I messaged him. He is confused soul. But i held so much hopes that it disappointed me alot. He dint even reply to my status or no hi Or bye.
I'll delete his number in some days after informing him.
First SP guy and now The US guy. I had hopes with them and I was happy and somewhat sure about them. Anyways I'm sure ill have something good for me. But he was hot yaar. This disappointment hit me hard today. I make sure I'll not long for his msgs. I shouldn't do this because this is going to be a long process of looking for guys. And many may reject me and get rejected. I should have clarity about what I want.
Wellsettled, no drinker and smoker and average looking guy. Also I'll make sure to be formal next time. I became to frank with US wala.
Chalo here I go to find new. Cyaa