Truer than True

Through My Eyes
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2020-08-13 04:22:55 (UTC)


Since I’ve been told I have Epilepsy I haven’t been able to drive because my license is getting suspended for six months. I’m not okay with me not being able to drive myself to my destinations because I love my independence. However, I wouldn’t want to have an incident/episode and hurt someone, that would really devastate me and I couldn’t live with myself, so I truly do understand. However, now I want to ride with who ever is leaving home even if it’s my son who I think drives crazy just to get out the house. Every time he’s leaving I asked where’s he’s going so I can go too. And now that my brother is here I want him to drive me around to places, even places he’s thinking of going too. I feel like a kid wanting to leave home every time someone leaves. Lol! I hope this is not permanent. I also hope I get better soon.