Darc Tangent

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2020-08-12 17:20:31 (UTC)

More Updates (NS)

It pains me to say, but I have to take a break from posting.
Hopefully not for too long.
I have less than 10 days to finish my contribution to the "Lovedcraft in a Time of Madness" anthology.
My story, if accepted, will be called Doors of Perception, so keep an eye out for it, and of course if it does get accepted, I will let you all know here.
I have started on my Lab Rats fanfic, "It's Good to be Alive" and hope thaqt as soon as my Lovecraft story is done, I can return to it.
I am glad that you are all reading my work, it thrills me whenever I see that X number of people have read a certain story, even if it is just one guy reading my Johnny Test story over and over and over, but if you want to make sure you don't miss any of my new posts, PLEASE, subscribe to my diary, so you wont miss anything new once I do finally get back to it.
Until then, enjoy yourself, and keep reading.
D'Arc Tangent