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2020-08-12 20:04:14 (UTC)

Annoyed with Doctors

I’m so annoyed and confused with the doctors at Kaiser Permanente. The reason I’m annoyed with them is because I needed a Work Status Report to give to my job for FMLA to cover my time off from work. I was told to go on their website to print out the letter which I did and send to my job. However, after sending the letter I received a call from Sedgwick the company who is processing the paper for my job. They said the Work Status Report did not include a diagnosis and that I needed to request another letter from my doctor. I resend an email to my doctor requesting another letter, she responds back stating the diagnosis is on the letter. I respond back telling her it’s not on the letters I have. She then offers to send by mail, I tell her no that my job prefer the letter emailed or faxed and to use mail as a last option because they wanted the information as quickly as possible. So I tell her I will have my son take me to pick it up from the hospital because I can’t drive due to the seizures. Once I get to the hospital and go up to the receptionist desk and ask for the letters. She then explain to me that there is two letters, one that’s available to me on the website that shows the doctor request for time off only and doesn’t include the diagnosis. She said because this is all my job would need. I begin telling her they’re requesting the diagnosis to show on the letter in order for them to approve my time off. She then states that my medical condition is for me to know only not my job and this is the reason for the second letter that shows the diagnosis but not available online. The reason I’m confused is my primary doctor diagnosed me with Altered Mental Status, however the Neurologist who I’ve only spoken to over the phone diagnosed me with Epilepsy and has me taking Levetiracetam twice daily to avoid having seizures which makes me extremely sleepy. Which is why I’m confused, why have me taking this medicine if you haven’t officially diagnosed me yet. My primary doctor states she can’t officially diagnose me until after I’ve had the EEG which is not scheduled for a few weeks from now. As a result when annual registration comes up I’ve been thinking of letting Kaiser Permanente go and try other medical services.